Research Director
100 MTP4 Room 144

My expertise is fundamentally as a research methodologist and program evaluator focusing on how best to measure results and how to use measures to help organizations and programs improve effectiveness.  I have worked on countless projects ranging from family development and public health to child welfare, juvenile justice and education; from disasters research to social impact assessment and analyzing data related to racial disparities across systems.  At present I am particularly interested health disparities, children and youth with special health care needs, managed care, long-term care and aging, and collaboration among communities of providers to more effectively improve outcomes.  My formal background is in research methodology and statistics, applied sociology, social network analysis, and reliability and validity testing of instruments such as the family development matrix outcomes model and the Life Skills Progression.  At the SSW I am an Adjunct Associate Professor; I also coordinate the DMC Resource Center and Minority Youth and Families Initiative.