Center staff have worked extensively with a variety of organizations and agencies connected to cancer prevention and control efforts in Iowa.  We have assisted with applications for competitive funding opportunities, developed program logic models, evaluated programming ranging from screening service provision to health communication campaigns.  We have also investigated the role of partnerships in achieving meaningful change across several multi-year, statewide projects.  Examples of targeted evaluations are available below:

Featured Project

Center staff worked with the Iowa Get Screened (IGS) Colorectal Cancer program staff to evaluate the effectiveness and reach of drink coaster campaign aimed at raising the rate of individuals who have been screened for colorectal cancer.  The Iowa Department of Public Health developed and disseminated coasters to 26 bars throughout the state which featured colorectal cancer screening facts, trivia, and screening contact information.  More information on this project is available on the IDPH website. CLICK HERE.

All Projects

Iowa Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Evaluation

To reduce the impact of a variety of cancers on Iowa residents, the Iowa Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP) combines community resources across the state to prevent cancer, identify it in its earliest stages, improve accessibility and quality of cancer treatments, and enhance quality of life for those impacted by cancer.  The IDPH-CCCP is in year-three of a five year grant, with the NRC conducting an evaluation each year of the program.  The 2014 evaluation focuses on CCCP program goals and utilizes data from radon tests, clinical trials, body: soul, and mammography tests across the state.  This evaluation report is intended to inform and update the Iowa Department of Public Health Comprehensive Cancer Control Program administration and staff and coordinated cancer programs about the progress of the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. 

Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program - Iowa Get Screened Yearly Evaluation

The Iowa Cancer Registry reports that colorectal cancer affects 47.3 Iowans per 100,000 (age adjusted).  To reduce the risk of this cancer across the state, the Iowa Get Screened program provides funding to hospitals, Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers and Public Health Departments across Iowa to provide colorectal cancer screening and awareness to Iowans age 50-64 who meet certain criteria.  The NRC conducts an annual evaluation of the program to assess the completion of intended outcomes including increasing screening, improving patient support services, and strengthening partnerships.  The evaluation also contains recommendations that can be used to make program adjustments.