Center for Evaluation and Research staff regularly share research findings at national conferences.  Formal presentations given by staff are listed below by the year in which the presentation was given.  If you would like more information on a specific project or training please contact one of the authors using the staff directory.


Abbott, A. and McCrory, K. T. (2015). Using Cervical Cancer Screening Data to Improve Hispanic and Latino Outreach Strategies. Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Annual Conference. Boston, MA

​McCrory, K. T. and Abbott, A. (2015). Using Diabetes Self-Management Education Data for Evaluation.Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Annual Conference. Boston, MA

Lillehoj, C., McCrory, K.T. and Abbott, A. (2015). Development of a Partnership to Implement and Evaluate a Survey of Pharmacy Practice.Council of State and Territorial Epidemioloists Annual Conference Boston, MA

Richardson, B. (2015). Reducing health disparities through in home family support services. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. 

Richardson, B. and Verploegh, M. (2015) Effects of Early Childhood Home Visiting on Improved Access to Healthcare and Reducing Health Disparities XULA-COP Eighth Health Disparities Conference, New Orleans, LA


Richardson, B. and Verploegh, M. (2014)  Reducing maternal and early childhood health disparities through improved access to healthcare and home visitation. “Transdisciplinary Collaborations: Evolving Dimensions of US and Global Health Equity Minority Health and Health Disparities Grantees’ Conference, National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), National Harbor, MD.

Hartley, C., Richardson, B. (2014). Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the Maternal-Child Home Visiting Context. American Public Health Association: New Orleans, LA (November 15-19, 2014). 

Richardson, B., Horras, J., Verploegh, M., D’Aunno, L., Mikelson, B. (2014). Use of Electronic Data Capture Technology Evaluating Home Visitation Programs. Denver, CO: American Evaluation Association Annual Conference, October, 2014.


McCrory, K.T., Richardson, B., Stineman, A., Drinnin, E., Harnish, P. (2013). Impact of the Personal and Home Care Aide State Training Program on quality of care and retention of direct care professionals in Iowa. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Boston, MA. 

Richardson, B. (2013). Achieving an effective, low cost quality improvement system for public health agencies. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.

Richardson, B. and D’Aunno, L. (2013) Building Capacity through Evidence Based Practices and Measures: Family Development Specialist Certification Training & the Family Development Matrix, The University of Iowa School of Social Work, National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice

Richardson, B., Gray, G., Wells, T., & McCrory, K. (2013).Achieving an Effective, Low Cost Quality Improvement System for Public Health Agencies. American Public Health Association: Boston, MA (November, 2013). 

Richardson, B. (2013). Toward a Scientifically Based Justice System. Iowa Summit on Justice and Disparities. Drake University, Des Moines, IA, October 10, 2013. 

Richardson, B. & D’Aunno, L. (2013). Building Capacity through Evidence Based Practices and Measures.  Community Action Partnership Annual Convention. Chicago, IL: August, 2013.


McCrory, K., Richardson, B., Drinnen, E., & Stineman, A. (2012). Collaboration, communication and continuity: Results of the personal and home care aide statewide training and credentialing system. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

McCrory, K. T. & Graaf, L. (2012). Nag me just a little more. Colorectal Cancer Screening and 50+ Iowans – what works? CDC Cancer Conference, Atlanta, GA. 


McCrory, K. T. & Montgomery, D. (2011). Improving a State-wide Nutrition Education Program Older Adults using Qualitative Research. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.